Automotive & Commercial Vehicles

Security Systems

This choice of switch-on and sensor responsive alarm systems are designed to provide you with maximum car security

Electronic Car Systems

We can present you with alternators, starters and more 

Motors & Actuators 

Regulate your car’s fluid flow and actuator pumps

Lighting Systems

We can present you with a range of lighting and signalling car mounts for front, rear and side mounting  


We hold a varied choice of car batteries

Climate Control

Through your A/C system, you will be able to control and maintain your vehicle’s internal temperature  


We can present you with a choice of windshield wipers



At our store, you can find over 3,000 filter varieties in stock 


We hold a choice of coolants ideal to fight corrosion in diesel and gasoline engines


At our store you can find a choice of marine boat belts and alternators 

Engine Parts

Find a choice of head, block and oil sump parts 


Aerolic Filtration

We hold an array of filtration foams suitable for both liquid and gas filtration.

Machine Tools

At our store, you can find a range of tools for ventilation tanks, EDM, printing machines, oil mist collectors and injection moulding machines.

Compressed Air

We can present you with filters for air compressors, vacuum pumps and FRL boxes.

Liquid Filtration

We hold a range of filters ideal to treat and filter liquids such as oils, hard water, paints, water, inks and chemical products. Can be used for both domestic and commercial settings

Dust Extraction

Pane and bag filters for vacuum cleaners and industrial sweepers are available at our store. 


We hold a complete range of hydraulic filters, accessories, filtration units and absorbents for all types of pressure.

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